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Even small businesses can participate in the digitization process.

Tech2B facilitates digital communication outside of ERP software as an SCSN service provider. Communication within various value chains is increasingly becoming digital. But what if you are a smaller supplier, dependent on the work passed on by the big players, and you do not yet use …

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Marc Hendrikse advocates for support for smaller manufacturing companies with their digitalization efforts.

Digitalization in the manufacturing industry is currently progressing rapidly among larger suppliers. They are increasingly exchanging data digitally with their customers, the OEMs. However, further data exchange in the supply chain often comes to a halt. That needs to change, says Ma …

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What is the manufacturing industry?

The manufacturing industry is an important sector of the economy that focuses on the production of goods and materials. It encompasses all activities involved in designing, developing, producing, and distributing products. This can range from simple craft activities to complex and aut …

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