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The success of the Autodesk integration on Tech2B:

The Autodesk Viewer plays an important role for usability and efficiency. With this program, plans can be viewed and shared quickly and easily. In addition, Autodesk Viewer is able to display models with incredible detail. Autodesk Forge wrote a success story about Tech2B and the Autodesk integration, read here on Autodesk Forge.

"The Autodesk integration allows us to provide a total solution for customers who tell us that our platform improves collaboration and helps them produce faster." —Sjors Hooijen, Chief Technology Officer, Tech2B

More than 50 supported file formats visible through Autodesk

It is very annoying when you have made drawings and models that your potential partner's software cannot read. Autodesk Viewer is an excellent solution for that too. Because more than 50 different formats are supported. These are, for example, the commonly used DWG, DWF and DSX formats. So you will never again have problems with files not being compatible with the software you are using. As a result, you and your business relations always know exactly where you stand. This promotes communication and action can be taken much faster.

Share files with anyone via the Autodesk Viewer

Thanks to Autodesk Viewer, you are always on the same page with potential business partners. The goal of Tech2B is to make it easier for companies in the manufacturing industry to find and understand each other more easily. Autodesk Viewer's ability to display models is an important part of that. It fits perfectly with Tech2B's ambition to keep all communication on one platform.

No need to install any software

Tech2B ensures that entrepreneurs in the manufacturing industry can discuss all facets of the production process on one platform. The Autodesk Viewer is therefore a perfect addition. You can simply open this program in the browser. There is no need to download and install the software on your computer. You arrange everything via the Tech2B website.

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