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Better findable within the manufacturing industry with Tech2B

Manufacturing industry

Nowadays, a good website is not the only way to profile yourself as a manufacturing company. Google is no longer the only tool where buyers within the manufacturing industry search for manufacturing companies with the right qualities. Make sure that you can also be found in other plac …

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Together we want to improve the position of the manufacturing industry

John Blankendaal - Sjors Hooijen - Brainport Industries - Tech2B

“Brainport Industries and Tech2B happened upon one another in the manufacturing industry several times already. That’s why working together makes perfect sense for both parties.”

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Strengthen network as sector organizations or knowledge institutions

Strengthen network as sector organizations or knowledge institutions

As a branch organization or knowledge institution, within the manufacturing industry, it is important to innovate and be progressive. Digitization is high on the agenda in the manufacturing industry. Many industry organizations and knowledge institutions have created their own member …

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5 tips for effective contract management in the manufacturing industry


Contract management in the manufacturing industry is becoming increasingly important. Due to the increasing complexity of supply chains, keeping track of and recording current contracts is essential. In addition, digital contract management is an important part of an efficient supply …

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Looking for a supplier for sheet metal processing quickly and reliably

laser cutting & sheet metal processing

Googling potential suppliers, e-mailing and calling, searching for knowledge to solve a problem takes a lot of time. If that time is well spent, there is of course no problem. But everyone knows the frustration of the loss of time that often accompanies it. Identifying the right partn …

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Finding suppliers within a quality network?

As a buyer you are dependent on reliable suppliers within your production chain.

For (strategic) buyers As a buyer you are dependent on reliable suppliers within your production chain. By keeping your supplier database up to date, you stay informed of the latest technologies, you create flexibility and you guarantee optimal delivery reliability. Tech2B offers buye …

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Would you like to win more relevant assignments within your expertise?

Save time, find reliable suppliers and digitise your entire quotation process

As a specialist within the manufacturing industry, you want nothing more than to make projects within the expertise you have in-house. But how can you increase business opportunities and get more relevant assignments? How do you show the qualities you have in house? Become part of the …

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How SOLID innovates faster thanks to Tech2B

Solid - Lex Scheepers - Tech2B - Innovation

The world demands change. Fortunately, many companies are already working hard to become more sustainable. We are switching to electric cars and bicycles and using solar or wind energy. But what if you operate in a sector in which the current green alternatives do not work optimally? …

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Canline: “Tech2B is particularly distinctive in the quotation phase”

Canline - Tech2B - quotation phase - Frans Augustijn

“One of the founders of Tech2B, Dirk Wouters, used to work for Canline. When he was working on it, he already asked me to think along, we regularly discussed it together. Of course they needed a few first users at Tech2B, so that's when we started with the platform.” Frans Augustijn i …

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NEW Feature: Digital Signature for NDA / Nondisclosure Agreement

Tech2B - NDA - Confidentiality statement - DocuSign.

The confidentiality of projects is an increasingly important condition for doing business with suppliers within the manufacturing industry. Orders within the manufacturing industry are therefore increasingly sent to suppliers under confidentiality/NDA. An NDA (non-disclosure agreement …

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