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Nowadays, a good website is not the only way to profile yourself as a manufacturing company. Google is no longer the only tool where buyers within the manufacturing industry search for manufacturing companies with the right qualities. Make sure that you can also be found in other places where buyers search. Profile your company well online. A good company profile on Tech2B can make a valuable contribution to show your specialism.

At Tech2B you are already easy to find with an Iron account via our company page. This has everything to do with the in-depth options on your company profile. By filling in the categories, expertise levels and extensive material and industry specifications, you ensure that buyers know at a glance what you have in store. As a result, you always have requests that perfectly match your company.

A complete company profile at Tech2B ensures that buyers within the manufacturing industry find you better on your specialization and can filter on, among other things, your quality marks, operations, certificates, and the distance.

“A fully completed profile is accessed 12 times more often than an “empty” profile.”

In this blog you can read how to complete your profile, increase online findability and optimize the chance of new collaborations.


First check all the options, then find out where your specializations lie and fill it in honestly. It is tempting to enter a high level of expertise for each category, but for buyers this is often a red flag. So be realistic and only check the categories in which you are really an expert. Also check whether all contact details, personal details including photo, logos and general information have been entered correctly. This not only exudes professionalism, but also ensures that if a seeking party wants to contact us, this can also be done within 1 mouse click.


Fill in your machine park as extensively as possible! For buyers, there is nothing more suspicious than a high level of expertise in, for example, water cutting without a corresponding machine in a profile. It also helps if you upload an actual photo of your machine, rather than a stock photo from the supplier.

Multimedia and reference projects

The last step in the profile, but certainly not unimportant. It inspires a lot of confidence when seeking parties see what you have to offer. Photos of industrial halls, machines, components and reference projects are therefore highly recommended. It takes about 30 minutes to complete your profile, which increases the chance of a connection considerably. Immediately complete your profile and become easier to find?

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