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Improved findability of VOM members through collaboration

VOM-Tech2B Partnership

Veerle Fincken from VOM and Jaap Waalen from Tech2B are convinced: The Tech2B platform will help Belgian companies active in surface treatment to improve their findability and to get in touch with interesting new partners and customers. Together, both organizations will ensure a good connection between the members of VOM and the digital platform.

Right match

Being found by the right parties at the right time is becoming increasingly important. The Tech2B platform is able to provide access to a large network of expertise and capacity options. Affiliated companies can find each other quickly and easily based on a detailed company profile. Direct contact can be made about quotation requests, manufacturability, lead time and possibilities for cooperation.

Surface treatments include:  chemical/mechanical pre-treatment, electroplating, enamelling, powder coating, (wet) painting, anodizing, hot dip galvanizing, thermal spraying, ATL/KTL, impregnation, PVD/CVD, nano coatings and much more.

Expertise in the picture

Bringing the right parties together is only possible by providing insight into expertise, knowledge and capacity in a transparent manner. Based on specific company information, an intelligent matchmaker helps to create the right connections. That is why it is a great step that the members of VOM can now also optimize their findability via Tech2B thanks to the collaboration. Surface treatment now plays an essential role within a successful manufacturing industry and transparent (international) cooperation is the future.

VOM expert in surface treatment

Surface treatment is a complex world. That is why VOM informs parties such as clients, developers, architects, study offices and project developers about the possibilities of the technology. Via Tech2B, VOM wants to present itself as a knowledge partner in the field of surface treatment. VOM provides technical information on surface treatment. Both VOM and Vereniging ION are now both experts in surface treatment.

VOM and Tech2B present collaboration in webinar for all members

To introduce members to the platform, they can participate in a VOM MEET webinar free of charge. They can now register for this online ZOOM meeting on the VOM website.

Veerle Fincken
Manager VOM vzw
+32 (0) 16401420

Jaap Waalen
Key Accountmanager Tech2B
+31 (0) 682777030