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Contour: “Tech2B is a very open platform, which really appeals to me”


“In daily practice, the Tech2B platform works very smoothly. If the entire manufacturing industry is going to use this, it will be a perfect means of communication.”

Rick Welling is Account Manager at sheet metal company Contour Covering Technology BV. He has been active on the Tech2B platform for some time. The first experiences are positive: “There are already many parties that we know, but also unknown companies or companies with which we do not yet do business. You can exclude competitors if you wish. It's not that it's always so secret what we do, we often know who each other supplies to and we regularly seek out cooperation to unburden the end customer."

How did you end up on the Tech2B platform?

“I saw the platform on LinkedIn, I immediately found it interesting and so I contacted them. I was kindly helped, the people at Tech2B explained everything enthusiastically and we talked about my wishes.”

“My experiences with Tech2B's platform are positive, even if the jobs are not yet fully in line with our work. It's interesting to see which companies are posting their requests on it, it's a very open platform. You can email and call the contact person behind the job directly, which really appeals to me.”

Have you ever used the platform to find suppliers?

“Contour has put out one request for tube laser work, I was pleasantly surprised at the response. We also received responses outside of our own network, from companies we don't know or do not do business with until now. Companies are also actively dealing with it, for example they send samples.”

“Tech2B's platform makes it easy to find suppliers, they just come to you. It is important that you describe what you wish to receive, so that you can be sure that you are offering the right thing. Outside of the platform, you can also contact potential suppliers about this. In addition, you can easily make choices based on price, delivery time and reliability.”

Tech2B is a very open platform, which really appeals to me.

How is the contact with the people of Tech2B going?

“I've spoken to them a few times now. They are helpful and open to improvements. They also indicate that it is a young company in development and they listen carefully to our suggestions. In Germany you also have such a platform, for which you pay a hefty amount. But you also see very interesting applications.”

“The guys from Tech2B also do their best with publicity, you regularly see articles on LinkedIn and recently they even won a prize. A good example is the article about Bestronics, which again attracts new participants. Or maybe this interview does!”

What does Contour do?

“Contour is a supplier of sheet metal parts and (complete) assemblies. We mainly supply build-to-print to larger manufacturers, especially OEM and first tier. In addition to sheet metal, we can also take care of the assembly of mechanical assemblies if desired. We are involved from the idea to the realization and relieve the customer, I can make good use of my background in technology.”

“Sixteen years ago I started my career at Contour - at the time still Sorba - in production. Through a move to the QA department, where I dealt with all facets of the company, I settled down at Sales. I have always had an affinity with customers, but also with the product. I think the connection between the two is especially important, and challenging clients often push the boundaries. I have a background in mechanical engineering, besides my job I studied Industrial Engineering and Management.”

“All in all, I am very pleased with Tech2B's platform, I really think it can help our company to both new customers and new suppliers. I would like to say to the people of Tech2B: keep it up and make it a success, it's definitely starting to look like that."

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