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Dumaco: “Tech2B gives us access to new revenue opportunities”


“I recently saw a request on the Tech2B platform asking for the wrong metalworking, given the application. You can then contact us as a potential supplier and indicate that there are better alternatives. We have always advised at Dumaco via e-mail and telephone, now we can also do it via Tech2B.”

Thijs Mes is responsible for New Business at metalworker Dumaco. For some time now he has also found 'new business' via the Tech2B platform: “It is actually somewhere between mail and a fully automatic portal. You can also contact the potential customers on the platform, for questions for example. That is a nice mix of benefits.”

What benefit does that have for Dumaco?

“Because you can have consultations and ask questions of potential customers, your offer is always more relevant than competitors'. For example, if a raw material in the market is difficult to obtain, you can ask if the product can be slightly smaller or different. It is appreciated that you think along in this way in reducing costs for the customer, this is how we often score new orders.”

The Tech2B platform offers us access to new revenue opportunities

“We are now active on the Tech2B platform with various requests, but we are still in the consultation phase. It is therefore not the case that we already have a lot of experience, we are already in talks with a number of parties. That is about larger requests.”

How did you end up at Tech2B?

“I saw it on LinkedIn, I created a free profile and immersed myself in it. I'll take the time for that, I want to see how it goes. At Dumaco, we always build long-term relationships with customers. They should get a good price, but above all good quality, service and advice.”

“We then use Tech2B's platform to select applications that suit us well. In time, the relationship with that customer can grow, we want to help them with their problems. We are always busy unburdening our customers, so the Tech2B platform fits in nicely with that.”

“We now work a lot with mail for requests, this is an extra channel. If our customer is satisfied with a platform like Tech2B, we are happy to go along with it. For customization, for example: if someone wants a certain sticker or wants it delivered to a special location, they can indicate this on the platform.”

How does working with the Tech2B platform work in practice?

“The platform works smoothly, there is a lot of information on it and there is also the possibility to ask a question via the chat. You will also receive notifications for messages and changes in status. We now mainly work with e-mail contact for quotation requests, but we can easily upload the information from our calculation program. You can also show specifications and prices.”

“I hear that the other companies on the portal like that, we are happy to join in. I see that there are already many parties on the platform, so we don't miss anything by being active there ourselves. We are not yet using the platform for posting work. We can do quite a lot ourselves, and for the things we cannot do we have permanent partners.”

Finally: what exactly does Dumaco do?

“We are one of the largest suppliers in the Netherlands in the field of sheet metal work, tube laser work and construction work. Our customers use our semi-finished products to make their own product, for example we supply tanks or structures that only need to be finished by the customer.”

“At Dumaco, we always look at new opportunities as broadly as possible, the Tech2B platform is an extra option for that. Ultimately, you just want to offer the customer something that they are satisfied with, whether that is via email, verbally or via a platform. As long as the customer gets what he is looking for, it will all work out in the end.”

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