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As a buyer you are dependent on reliable suppliers within your production chain. By keeping your supplier database up to date, you stay informed of the latest technologies, you create flexibility and you guarantee optimal delivery reliability. Tech2B offers buyers the tool to always find the supplier that best suits your request and organization.

Turn off RFQs

The supply & demand functionality of Tech2B offers the possibility to quickly and easily request quotes for prototypes and urgent orders. When submitting an application, you can choose to share it publicly or only send it to a group of selected suppliers. After the application has been placed, it will be possible for companies to make an appropriate offer. This makes it possible to easily filter by price, delivery time and reliability.

Finding reliable suppliers

Tech2B has a wide range of reliable suppliers. The extensive company profiles offer the possibility to analyze companies optimally. With our filter, for example, selection can be made remotely, which stimulates local entrepreneurship. To find the most suitable partner, you can also search by machine park, specialization and much more. In addition, the Tech2B matchmaker automatically links suitable suppliers to your assignment. This way you are guaranteed to make the best choice.

Shorten Time to Market

To face global competition, continuous innovation and a structural increase in productivity and flexibility is necessary. Demand from the market is becoming less predictable, the Time to Market is becoming shorter and products have an increasingly shorter life cycle. Our solutions provide a better overview of the entire process from pre-selection to finished product. This immediately shortens the Time to Market of your products.

Save time and money

By using Tech2B, you as a buyer save time and money. Better insight and an efficient way of working improve the production process and thus the entire organization. Once the switch is on, you'll never want to go back to the past.

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