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Finding suppliers within a quality network?

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For (strategic) buyers
As a buyer you are dependent on reliable suppliers within your production chain. By keeping your supplier database up to date, you stay informed of the latest technologies, you create flexibility and you guarantee optimal delivery reliability. Tech2B offers buyers the tool to always find the supplier that best suits the assignment and the organization.

Main benefits for buyers:
1. Create targeted quote requests, tailored to specific production requirements.
2. Receive fast, structured and comparable quotes from relevant suppliers.
3. Easily manage your RFQ process.
4. Shorten lead times.
5. Communicate directly with suppliers in real time.
6. Direct contact with the suppliers without the intervention of third parties.
7. Stay in control: complete data transparency.
8. Efficient search function within quality network

Tech2B has a wide range of reliable suppliers. The extensive company profiles offer the possibility to analyze companies optimally. With our filter, for example, selection can be made remotely, which stimulates local entrepreneurship. To find the most suitable partner, you can also search by machine park, specialization and much more.

In addition, the Tech2B matchmaker automatically links suitable suppliers to your assignment. This way you are guaranteed to make the best choice.

Easily and securely turn off quote requests.

When putting out a request, you can choose to share it completely publicly or only to send it to a selective group of suppliers. You can of course also invite regular suppliers to respond to an assignment. In addition, you can also exclude companies to protect your drawings or assignments.

To bring supply and demand together, Tech2B uses 8 categories, which are again subdivided into subcategories. This allows you to quickly find the right expertise or make your own expertise discoverable. The assignments and applications will therefore be found in the categories.

Local findability

Do you want to look for the right companies in your immediate vicinity? Tech2B has some nice parameters with which you can easily search and select local companies. We think it is important that you do business with reliable companies. That's why we work with reviews. After a completed assignment, you can assign each other a review. In this way you can show your reliability and qualities.

Real time

With Tech2B it is possible to communicate per order. Mail traffic between you and your supplier or client can therefore be kept to a minimum. You can use text messages or the upload and download functions to exchange documents. This makes the communication process a lot faster and more efficient.

As soon as a request, quotation, order or invoice has been issued, both parties can adjust the status. So you have real-time insight into the status of the various components. This allows you to react quickly, shorten your lead times and minimize the margins of error.

Tech2B is an overarching online platform which aims to make a link between a demand for technical parts or services and a suitable supplier in an easy and clear manner. Are you curious about what Tech2B has to offer you? Register without obligation or request a demo to gain insight into the possibilities.

Are you curious about what Tech2B has to offer you? Register without obligation or request a demo to gain insight into the possibilities.

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