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“Holland Innovative offers knowledge and courses through Tech2B”


“At Holland Innovative, we are a big proponent of open innovation and we are happy to share our knowledge. We also connect seamlessly with Tech2B's manufacturing industry target group, so collaboration is very logical.”

Saskia Peters is Marketing Lead and Project Manager at the knowledge center Holland Innovative, together with Sjors Hooijen of the manufacturing industry platform Tech2B, she explains in this article why their collaboration is so natural. Sjors how this will take shape: “Tech2B will share knowledge and updates from Holland Innovative on the platform, such as news, events and white papers. In addition, we also want to offer the courses of Holland Innovative via our platform.”

So Tech2B will also focus on training?

“We want to broaden the platform and expand the target group2, we have now added to the TechB website. Tech2B was originally focused on the manufacturing parts in the manufacturing industry, but more questions arise about communication, quality and reliability and the processes. Holland Innovative knows all about that.”

Saskia explains: “We are a knowledge center that focuses on product and process development, our team of experts helps customers take the next step in innovation. We are in the organization for our knowledge. We sit as experts with customers and disseminate our knowledge through our Academy.”


Saskia Peters - Holland Innovative & Sjors Hooijen - CEO Tech2B

Sharing knowledge is your core activity?

“We offer all our knowledge, online but also in the form of events. We co-host Drinks, Pitches and Demos every 1st Wednesday of the month, as well as other knowledge events. And we ensure that our training courses are easy to find, for example on a platform such as Tech2B. We also have our capabilities to the platform if they are looking for chosen competencies. In this way we create a win-win situation.”

Sjors agrees: “You will soon be able to contact Tech2B not only with suppliers of manufactured parts, but also with partners who can train your employees, such as Holland Innovative. So we not only help small companies with findability and digitization, but now also with stimulating knowledge sharing. everything will soon know what SCSN for example.”

How does this collaboration relate to what Tech2B has already done?

“We use a multi-sided business strategy, when 1 side of the platform will improve added value for all other sides and vice versa. We want to get rid of the term marketplace and realize an ecosystem that can take the entire manufacturing industry to the next level. Holland Innovative is a 'new side' and together we want to provide the affiliated information and training opportunities.”

Saskia adds: “We are working together to improve our cooperation. It starts with an idea, and internal communication: all colleagues will soon have to know about this collaboration, so that they will also use the platform in their customer contact. This way you develop two solutions on one platform. We currently have a great shortage of people and there is a shortage of material. Tech2B responds very well to that, so we are happy to be a part of that. I am looking forward to the collaboration, I have a lot of confidence in it.”

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