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Looking for a supplier for sheet metal processing quickly and reliably

OEM - Time to Market - Maakindustrie

Googling potential suppliers, e-mailing and calling, searching for knowledge to solve a problem takes a lot of time. If that time is well spent, there is of course no problem. But everyone knows the frustration of the loss of time that often accompanies it. Identifying the right partner(s) faster and better is thus a shortcut to a more competitive and efficient economy.


Google not always optimal

Everyone nowadays uses Google to often look for new suppliers within the manufacturing industry. This often assumes that the top search results are the best. Unfortunately this is not always the case. Not all companies have their digital findability in order. These websites are often old and contain little information. But more importantly, the website is not adapted to Google's continuously changing algorithms.

Shift to digital platforms

Fortunately, it can also be different. There are ever better tools to search for the right partners in a simple and reliable way. The global manufacturing industry is now making a shift to digital platforms. The business market increasingly demands solutions and user experiences that have already been further developed within the consumer market. Buyers are therefore increasingly looking for experiences that platforms within the B2C market have been offering for some time. In addition, companies want to avoid uncertainties in the supply chains. That stimulates local production.

Searching efficiently within a quality network?

At Tech2B you can place an application within minutes, including relevant files, non-disclosure agreement and general terms and conditions. Within 5 steps you indicate which expertise you are looking for and which conditions a supplier must meet. Then the system does the rest. Relevant suppliers will be contacted and if they are interested they will contact them themselves or submit a quote directly.

How does this work in 4 simple steps?

1. Efficient search within a quality network
2. Turn off quote request
3. Online audit & analysis
4. Confirmation & Evaluation

    1. Efficient search within a quality network

Tech2B has a wide range of reliable suppliers. The extensive company profiles offer the possibility to analyze companies optimally. With our filters, for example, you can select remotely. This stimulates local entrepreneurship. You can also search by machine park, specialization and much more.

In addition, the Tech2B matchmaker automatically links suitable suppliers to your assignment. This way you are guaranteed to make the best choice.

    2. Turn off quote request

Create targeted quote requests, tailored to specific production requirements. When putting out a request, you can choose to share it completely publicly or only to send it to a selective group of suppliers. You can of course also invite regular suppliers to respond to an assignment. In addition, you can also exclude companies to protect your drawings or assignments.

To bring supply and demand together, Tech2B uses 8 categories, which are again subdivided into subcategories. This allows you to quickly find the right expertise or make your own expertise discoverable. The assignments and applications will therefore be found in the categories.

In short: you increase your reach and thus market insight, you reach more potential partners in less time and you gain insight into available (local) capacity.

     3. Online audit & analysis

In our blog “3 trends in the manufacturing industry - 2021” we explain how outsourcing is becoming an increasingly important part of the manufacturing industry. As a result, dependence on suppliers is growing and reliability is therefore extremely important. Via Tech2B you get validated, extensive insight into available expertise, certification, machine parks and available capacity. This way you can quickly perform a first online audit to assess whether your contacts meet your requirements for water cutting.

    4. Confirmation & Evaluation

First you make a selection based on incoming quotes or contact requests, and after you have thoroughly evaluated this based on company profiles, you can make a well-founded choice and continue until confirmation via Tech2B's integrated system or your own ERP. You can then evaluate the relevant suppliers in their area of ​​expertise.

Tech2B optimizes quotation processes.

By using the platform you will therefore find potential partners for laser cutting & sheet metal processing or other operations within metal or plastic processing faster than ever. You not only save time, but also gain market-wide insight into capacity, without having to email or call for hours!

Are you currently looking for a new partner for laser cutting & sheet metal processing? Then take a look at the platform immediately or contact us for the possibilities.