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Mobile application for the manufacturing industry


Tech2B expands services for the manufacturing industry with a mobile application

Tech2B's product portfolio has been expanded with a mobile app for Apple and Android. With the mobile app, manufacturing companies now have the ability to easily conduct business and seize new business opportunities. Tech2B users can search faster and more efficiently, communicate securely and share data via the app.


With the mobile app, Tech2B is responding to some important emerging trends. There is a growing preference for B2B interactions to take place online via a mobile device. This development has proven itself over the past decade and will further strengthen with the use of mobile apps. Employees are spending more and more time online, partly due to Covid. People are more likely to work remotely with an increasing number of connected devices. This means that companies need to adjust their business strategy accordingly. The manufacturing industry should be able to adapt and not just focus on productivity and efficiency. To respond to this, it is necessary to create networks and make innovation and optimization accessible on every device.

Increase mobile activity

A strong shift can be seen towards a more mobile economy. Networks and production processes are increasingly connected digitally. An increasing number of business users want the same experience they experience as consumers. The rise of the business consumer is driving the demand for simpler and better online experiences in a variety of industries. Offering services via apps is still in an early phase of development within the manufacturing industry, in contrast to B2C platforms.

Orders, chat messages, search and updates

With the Tech2B app, users can quickly and easily view RFQs, look for assignments and chat with colleagues, other users and companies. In addition, you can quickly search for the right manufacturing companies on the companies page. The network of 11,000 manufacturing companies can be consulted via the app. Companies are able to share knowledge and information via any mobile device. This way, companies can profile their expertise in the network of the manufacturing industry.

Ease of use

Always having the right information at hand is becoming the new reality. With Tech2B’s mobile app, all users have the manufacturing industry in their pocket. The tool empowers users to communicate more easily and work more efficiently. Even now, visiting a desktop website on a mobile device is often causing issues. Parts of a website cannot be read, the navigation is not working correctly and buttons are failing.

By using the app you make every digital contact with your organization a pleasant seamless experience and you strengthen your added value.

Download the Tech2B app in the AppStore or Google Play