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As a specialist within the manufacturing industry, you want nothing more than to make projects within the expertise you have in-house. But how can you increase business opportunities and get more relevant assignments? How do you show the qualities you have in house? Become part of the largest quality network of the manufacturing industry and get in direct contact with potential partners.

1. Show what you've got!

Tech2B makes your qualities and expertise visible and findable for everyone on the platform. As a user, you get your own company page where you can easily and professionally profile your company by filling it in carefully. Is a company looking for a supplier in your industry? Then this party will automatically come to you based on the search criteria. At Tech2B you can currently be found by more than 500 local and national clients. Within our company page you can search & filter by expertise, reference projects, certificates, materials, size, operations, tolerances, machine park, distance and much more.

2. Communicate in a simple and structured manner.

Clear communication is the basis for any successful collaboration. The Tech2B platform ensures that communication runs smoothly and that all drawings and invoices are visible within a few mouse clicks. All this to optimize and connect the entire manufacturing industry, so that work can be done more efficiently and professionally. With this cloud-based solution, a chain integration takes place that offers many advantages for the entire manufacturing industry.

3. Make your company visible in the Tech2B quality network.

Tech2B has a wide range of reliable suppliers. The extensive company profiles offer the possibility to analyze companies optimally. With our filter, for example, selection can be made remotely, which stimulates local entrepreneurship. To find the most suitable partner, you can also search by machine park, specialization and much more. In addition, the Tech2B matchmaker automatically links suitable suppliers to your assignment. This way you are guaranteed to make the best choice.

4. Take advantage of business opportunities.

Access business opportunities and quote requests. Discover requests from buyers, engineers and OEMs and send direct quotes for assignments that suit you. Expand your network by contacting trusted partners directly. As a supplier you can easily find applications that match your specialism. Because companies can easily offer their stock, prototypes and urgent orders via the supply and demand functionality, Tech2B is of course the ideal place to find new assignments. You get direct insight into the most relevant market demand.

5. Provide a completed Tech2B profile.

Tech2B makes your qualities and expertise visible and findable for everyone on the platform. As a user, you get your own company page where you can showcase and profile your company professionally. Buyers want to find the right specialists to have their parts made. That is why it is important that you become visible to these companies in the right way. Based on your specialism, Tech2B makes it easier for clients to find you. Your profile shows who you are, what your expertise is and what qualifications you have. Also, don't forget to include links to your social media and website, so buyers can explore your business further through your website.

Tech2B is an overarching online platform which aims to make a link between a demand for technical parts or services and a suitable supplier in an easy and clear manner.

Are you curious about what Tech2B has to offer you? Register without obligation or request a demo to gain insight into the possibilities.