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Strengthen network as sector organizations or knowledge institutions


As a branch organization or knowledge institution, within the manufacturing industry, it is important to innovate and be progressive. Digitization is high on the agenda in the manufacturing industry. Many industry organizations and knowledge institutions have created their own member portals and have a company register. However, this is often per profession. Tech2B can play a role in offering members and users benefits in terms of business opportunities and findability.

Share networks

Within the Tech2B platform we have specific space for industry organizations and knowledge institutions. The organizations can also be found in the filters. In this way, both users and organizations can see which companies are involved. In this way, a nice cross-pollination takes place between networks and value is created.

Company Profile

The trade association and knowledge institutes have access to an extensive company profile in which you can show them its values ​​and added value. In this way you can be found by the entire network. You can also use the network and its functionalities.

Expand your own company register

Many organizations have their own companies register or overview of companies that are members. This is to make companies findable and to profile them. Tech2B offers the possibility to combine or integrate this into the Tech2B platform. This allows companies to fill in a more extensive profile and the added value will increase significantly

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