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Tech2B new features: Company profiles


New company profiles with extra options
Good and reliable partners are invaluable in the manufacturing industry. In general, many companies are involved in the complete process from order to end product. By working clearly & efficiently with the right specialists in this production chain, you create a streamlined process. To make this process an achievable goal for the entire industry, Tech2B has launched a new company page. This allows you to profile your company even better and to indicate where your specialism lies.

Improve your visibility
Tech2B makes qualities and expertise visible and findable for everyone on the platform. Users have an extensive company page where their company is professionally profiled. Buyers have the need to (decidedly) find the right specialists to meet their production needs. That is why it is important that companies are visualized in the right way and can be found using the right parameters. Within our company page you can search & filter by expertise, reference projects, certificates, size, main categories, operations, tolerances, machinery, distance, financial status and audits. By combining this extensive search function with various, relevant categories, creating the right match between supplier and buyer is a guarantee.

Within this rapidly growing network of expertise & knowledge, which now has 450 members, you as a company are more visible than ever.

Companies are described on the basis of a number of predetermined criteria. Is a potential client looking for a supplier in a specific industry? Then it will automatically arrive at the perfect match based on the specified search criteria. In this way a lot of time is saved because products and services automatically position & sell themselves better. At the same time, the client saves time because it automatically ends up with the right companies.

8 categories – 195 subcategories – 75 materials
To bring supply and demand together, Tech2B uses 8 categories, which are again subdivided into subcategories. This makes it possible to quickly find the right expertise or make your own expertise findable. The diversity of assignments and applications is therefore subdivided into these categories.

Local findability
Looking for a suitable, local partner? Tech2B has the right parameters with which it is easy to search and select local companies.

Tech2B ensures a strong increase in digital findability. There is direct access to new potential clients and assignments. The extensive search function with various categories makes it easy and clear to get an overview and find the right companies. Networks of suppliers, aimed at knowledge exchange and collaboration, are therefore an important added value of the platform.

Thanks to the Matchmaker, Tech2B automatically shows companies as suggestions as soon as a client searches for a certain expertise. Clients are thus better able to find a match and contractors are always assured of the correct quotation request with their previously indicated expertise.

The platform for large and small companies
Multinationals and sole proprietorships are active in the manufacturing industry. Tech2B creates added value for this full spectrum. Every player active in the manufacturing industry can create a profile and count on great collaboration with new partners. A good network is of great importance for every professional. Tech2B ensures that these professionals come into contact with entrepreneurs throughout the Netherlands to strengthen these networks.

For one-off assignments and lifelong business relationships
Often the best collaborations arise from long-term business relationships. Tech2B is therefore extremely suitable for managing and expanding networks. Thanks to the extensive social functions, contacts can be made and maintained by the entire manufacturing industry.

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