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Find reliable suppliers faster and easier

3D printing - Supplier- Manufacturing industry - RFQ's

As a buyer you are dependent on reliable suppliers within your production chain. By keeping your supplier database up to date, you stay informed of the latest technologies, you create flexibility and you guarantee optimal delivery reliability. Tech2B offers buyers the tool to always f …

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Tech2B new features: Company profiles

Company profile - Manufacturing industry - Network - Findability

New company profiles with extra options Good and reliable partners are invaluable in the manufacturing industry. In general, many companies are involved in the complete process from order to end product. By working clearly & efficiently with the right specialists in this productio …

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How Tech2B contributes to efficiency: Success formula from Bestronics

How Tech2B contributes to efficiency: Success formula from Bestronics. Anton van Limpt

How Tech2B contributes to efficiency: the success formula of Bestronics What do you do when customers decide to have their items produced in China from now on? It happened to Bestronics: they experience considerable competition. According to CEO Anton van Limpt, China has been “the pr …

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Autodesk successtory

The success of the Autodesk integration on Tech2B: The Autodesk Viewer plays an important role for usability and efficiency. With this program, plans can be viewed and shared quickly and easily. In addition, Autodesk Viewer is able to display models with incredible detail. Autodesk Fo …

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More business opportunities

More business opportunities - Platform - Manufacturing industry

As a specialist within the manufacturing industry, you want nothing more than to make projects within the expertise you have in-house. But how can you increase business opportunities and get more relevant assignments? How do you show the qualities you have in house? Become part of the …

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